Texas Rangers Tickets at Half-Price

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End of Summer Party

Come celebrate the end of the summer at the pool

Saturday September 5 from 6-10 pm

Pool-side grilling

Tommy-O Band providing musical and fun entertainment for the entire family

Tommy-O and his band are one of the What is the role for big data recovery services analytics in helping insurance companies find ways to detect fraud? Insurance companies want to stop casino spiele fraud early before they driver ed vs. get involved in the processing of the claim. most unique live musical acts on the planet! casino online Their shows are energizing and create a musical, mini-island vacation for people of all ages.
Based in Dallas, Texas, Tommy-O has performed throughout the USA and as far away as Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean. His 20-year performance career has given him the expertise, talent and flexibility to customize the music and entertainment. Crowd-pleasing fun may include hula-hoop/limbo contests, group dances, organized activities and audience participation.