The following volunteers are needed very badly. Please consider helping out
at the Roe Memorial Rosary, Mass, or March on Saturday January 16th.

Rosary (7:00AM Routh Street Abortion Clinic)- Have 3 safety marshals signed
up, need 7 more

Mass (9:30AM Cathedral) Need 10 Ushers to assist with Mass – Please wear
Tux or Suit and tie

March (After Mass, around 11:00AM) Have 8 Safety Marshals, Need 2 more)

Flag Bearers at March – (After Mass, around 11:00AM)Have 3, need 3 more

Bullhorn – Have 1, need 1

People to Dismantle Stage after March (around 12:30) Have 2 need 2

Please call or write if you have questions.
Tom Clark
State Pro Life Chairman
Texas State Council KofC