download: Our Lady of San Juan de los Lago
On October 10, the statute of Our Lady of San Juan will be arriving in Dallas and will be here through October 20 at Our Lady of San Juan de los Lago – St Theresa Church. Our support has been requested during her visit to serve as ushers/protectors during her visit. It is my understanding that we provided similar support during her last visit in 1997. She was warmly received with a large number of people visiting her and it is anticipated that visitations will be even larger this year. Attached is information about Our Lady of San Juan de los Lago.

Our Council will provide guards and support on October 11. The visitation hours will be from 6 AM to 10 PM, six knights will be needed at all times during those hours. Two knights at the entry, two knights at the exit, and a knights on either side of the statute to insure that it isn’t touched. It is over 300 years old and is very delicate.

Based on two hour shifts, we will need 48 knights to volunteer. The church is located at 2601 Singleton Blvd, Dallas 75212.

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: Please check your calendar and block off some time to volunteer for this event on October 11. Then send an email to John Guerra (johnguerra5 @-REMOVE- to indicate what times you will volunteer. Alternatively, you can email David Carr (carrfam2004 @-REMOVE-