Every Mass we attend we affirm that we “believe in one God”.  Most of us take this statement for granted, but it requires that, like Mary, we keep it and “ponder it” in our heart. Is this not the path to effective faith formation?  Men have formulated many gods.  Some worship Science, some politics and some elevate ego to divinity.  As Catholics, should not our model of formation should be our Lord, Jesus?   A fourth grader was one quoted as saying that “Jesus was the best picture that God ever took”.  We believe that the Catholic Church presents the clearest print of that portrait.
Please join the St. Patrick Respect Life Committee in examining our faith through Project Life, eight weekly sessions of Catholic based instruction and discussion of Life issues beginning February 7th, preceded by a viewing of the documentary film, “Blood Money” on January 31st.
For scheduling details, please see the Respect for Life page of the St. Patrick website or see the schedule posted on the bulletin board in the chapel entryway.
All are welcome.  At the St. Patrick Catholic Church Parish Center 7:00pm

Jan. 31 – Showing of “Blood Money”
Feb. 7 – Age Old Enemies: Life and Death
Feb. 14 – Abortion: The Most Pronounced Symptom of the Culture of Death
Feb. 21 – After Abortion: Truth and Consequences
Feb. 28 – Adoption: The Gospel of Life in Unexpected Pregnancies
March 7 – Chastity and Abstinence: The Gospel of Life vs. The Culture of Sex
March 21 – Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Who Controls Death?
April 4 – Biotechnology/Cloning: The Future is Now
April 11- Call to Act: Minister, Educate and Advocate