[KC799] Reminder – May 15 pool deadline; and request for assistance – johnguerra5@gmail.com – Gmail

As a reminder, May 15 (this Friday) is the FINAL deadline to get your pool paperwork submitted if you plan to access the pool this summer.  If you have not already paid and submitted your form, please GO TO the KayCee Office to take care of it before 4pm tomorrow (Friday).

Even if you are not purchasing a family membership, if you expect to enter through the pool gatehouse area, you need a pool tag.  This is for safety and compliance with police requests.  We will only prepare pool tags for those who submit their paperwork by the deadline.  There is no longer time to mail, so please go in person to take care of this.

If you have already paid for your pool membership, you may disregard this reminder (which is being sent to all Knights of the council for whom we have email addresses).

Lastly, please be curtious to the KayCee Office staff.   They are diligently handling late payments and last-minute requests, so we thank them for their work this week.


* New paperwork needs to be submitted every year.

* Pool dues (for knight family membership) is $200/year.  There is a late fee of $40 (for missing the April 30 deadline).

* If you did not pay your Council dues, the Council dues are $95 for this year.  The Council dues need to be a separate check (to Council 799) than the one for the pool (to KayCee Club).  If you had not paid your Council dues by March 31, there is a $100 penalty if you would like to purchase the pool membership after the deadline.

* Knights-only memberships do not require the family membership, but still need to submit paperwork so that you can get a pool tag.

* If you have not previously paid the assessment, that is $230 one-time in your first year of membership, or $115 each of your first two years.

* More questions? please call 214-348-7940