Hello from the GK desk. I hope all is well with you and your family. Recently I wrote a letter to all the new Brothers who joined our Council in 2008.  The purpose of the letter was to welcome them and let them know about a few upcoming events.

In the letter I mentioned that if we have a weakness at 799, it’s definitely a lack of mentoring new members.  We do a fine job of recruiting and getting Brothers to obtain their First Degree (100 new Knights in 2008 calendar year), but after that we don’t have a follow-up process.  We do see some members at the monthly meetings, and a few even jump in and get active.

Unfortunately, that’s the exception, not the rule.  Truth is, most members don’t make it back to a meeting — and that is something we need to change.  I’m sure we could help ourselves by creating a welcoming committee to focus on new Brothers for their first year, but until then it falls upon all of us to take action.  If you have proposed a new member recently and don’t see him at our monthly meetings, puck up the phone or send an email inviting him back to 799.

March does not slow down folks — Fish Frys, St. Patrick’s, and more.  Hope to see you at the Hall very soon.

God Bless

Patrick Vlk

Grand Knight