We are doing well with the July 4th raffle thus far.  Someone will win a new 2012 Ford F-150 extended cab pickup truck at the raffle drawing on July 4th.

As a reminder, tickets may be purchased from any Knight of the Council.  We also have tickets for sale at the KayCee Lounge or at the office.  Please buy your tickets early so that we can keep track of our revenue.

As you know, our Grand Knight, Mike Hill, has committed to having his head shaved if our Council is able to bring in over $15k in additional revenue before the July 4th raffle.   As proof that he does in fact have hair to shave, he offered a picture:





We would also like to make you aware that the KayCee Club, Inc. board and Knights of Columbus Council 799 board reviewed and adopted a revised complete set of rules for the July 4th raffle.   Download the complete 2012 Raffle Rules here.