On Saturday November 19 we will be participating in an event to help out the Sisters of hte Holy Family of the Nazereth convent in Grand Prarie. The event will consist of one group at the convent clearing trees and hauling them back into the property. The second group will be preparing lunch at the council hall and will transit that over to the convent for lunch.
The outdoor work at the convent will start around 8:30 and run till noon. Please be sure to wear gloves, work boots, and bring any power tools that cut if you have them. If its anything like last year, this is extremely rewarding. Directions to the facility can be found here: http://binged.it/vXEjl1

The second group will be meeting mid morning at the council hall to prepare food for the group. Around noon the group will be bringing the food out to the kitchen at the convent for lunch, which will formally be the conclustion of the event. I would expect to head out around 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at ryan.r.collier@gmail.com or on my cell 214.226.4423.