KC 799 will host a blood drive on December 13th from 8:30 – 3:30. This drive honors a Lake Highlands kindergarten child named Christopher Bowen who is suffering from a disease called Arteriovenous Malformation. At this time of year our thoughts go to Christmas and the joy it will bring to our families and most importantly our children. Without a miracle Chris may never see another Christmas. He is battling to survive. Like Chris there are many children who are suffering from diseases we’ve never heard of and many who need blood every single day in Dallas. Will you please take 30 minutes to give 3 children another holiday season? They’re not asking for toys and things. They’re asking moms and dads and brothers and sisters for the most precious gift of all. The gift of life. The early signup link is:


Please call Tim King at 214-536-0288 with questions.

Giving blood is easy – It Starts With your Heart

Knights of Columbus-Council 799
Saturday, 12/13/2014 (08:30 am – 03:30 pm)
10110 Shoreview
Dallas, TX 75238

Tim King
Volunteer Drive Coordinator